Hello, My name is Tallon and I am a tattoo artist living in Sydney, Australia.

I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil and my passion is tattooing flora and fauna, particularly Australian natives.
I probably have too many hobbies but some of them include arts and crafts, gaming, cooking, gardening, rollerskating, reading, writing, photography, bush walking and I have a fascination for insects.

I have a pug called Manfred who is currently my only pet, although I have owned a vast array in my life time. I absolutely loved fish keeping but came to realise it wasn’t ideal being a renter in Sydney.
Much to some of my friends horror, I owned some giant burrowing cockroaches- did I mention I love insects?

I grew up just outside of Bathurst and moved to Sydney to study 3D art and animation but took on a tattoo apprenticeship in 2017 that changed my life! I’ve never looked back 🙂