Here are some frequently asked questions 

How do I make a booking?

Sign up to my mailing list to be notified when I open my bookings. A booking form will become available on my website on that day.
I open my bookings approximately every three – four months.

How much does a tattoo cost?
The price is affected by a number of elements, such as size, placement and details. Adding colour will extend the appointment time and cost.
I will send you a quote over email but here are some rough estimates.

  • A small tattoo (5cm – 10cm) Can cost between $200 – $600
  • A medium tattoo (10cm – 20cm) Can cost between $600 – $1200
  • A large tattoo (20cm+) Can cost between $1200 – $1800

Sleeves and bigger designs will require multiple sessions. A full day session is anywhere from 5 – 8 hours.

These are just rough price estimates, each tattoo is different and priced accordingly.
Let me know if you have a budget and I will advise you on what can be achieved.

Do you do cover ups? 

Yes I can. However it is case dependent. A cover up usually has to be bigger and darker than what is already there. Consider getting a few laser lightening treatments on the tattoo to increase the possibilities of what can be done.

Do you tattoo over scars?

Yes, but again it is case dependent. The size, age, texture and colour of the scar all have to be considered.

Generally speaking the older the scar, the better. Keep in mind that scar tissue can be unpredictable when tattooing and is prone to swelling. A touch up appointment is most likely needed after the tattoo has healed.

Do you tattoo other artist’s designs?
No, sorry. It is fine to send me another artist’s tattoo as inspiration, but I will not directly copy it.

Can you do an artwork commission for me?
I usually don’t have time for any artwork commissions as all my time is spent making tattoo designs instead.

What if I don’t know what I want?

That’s fine, I can work with you to narrow down your idea. I do prefer to have at least one subject matter as a starting point. 
The difficult part is to make sure we are on the same page when it comes to me designing your tattoo. Keep in mind that there is a drawing fee if there are major design changes, so it is important to give me enough details to go on.

Can I see the design beforehand?

Yes! Once your booking is secured with a deposit, I will send you a draft of your design a day before your appointment for approval.
A draft is just the outline or the blueprint for the tattoo to give you a rough idea of what I have planned. Any shading, sizing and placement happens on the day of the tattoo. Please take a look at my work for examples of shading.

What if I want to see the design earlier?

Unfortunately I cannot send designs any earlier. I work in chronological order of my bookings and must prioritise others booked in before you. 

What if I don’t like the design?

This happens rarely as I discuss all the details about your design beforehand to make sure I avoid this outcome. If you don’t like the design, that is fine and I can work with you to make the necessary changes. 

Before making a booking, make sure to check out my work and the style of tattooing that I do to make sure I am the right artist for you. 

Does it hurt?

There are multiple factors that can affect the pain, such as the placement, the length of the session, the style of the tattoo and even the artist’s technique.

The pain of a tattoo is often described like a cat scratch. Some spots won’t hurt at all and other spots can hurt a lot. 

If you are worried about the pain, speak to me about breaking up the session into more manageable times. 

There is also no shame in tapping out. So long as the stencil/linework is done, we can always finish the tattoo in another session.

Can I use numbing cream?

I’ll be honest, I don’t have much knowledge when it comes to using numbing cream and the results it has on healing a tattoo. There’s been a lot of discussion amongst tattoo communities about this. There are many different brands, each with varying results.

Numbing cream may affect the result of your tattoo and you may need a follow up session.

If you wish to use numbing cream, please inform me beforehand. Numbing cream must be applied an hour before your appointment.
Please be careful when choosing a numbing cream as some ingredients may be harmful to you. Lidocaine percentage should not be above 5%.
In my opinion I would only use numbing cream for particularly painful areas. The numbing cream will only last for 1-2 hours and when it wears off the tattooing can seem more painful as you haven’t accustomed to the feeling.

I have numbing spray available, which can be applied towards the end of a session to take the edge off. Numbing spray is different to numbing cream as the spray can only work once the skin barrier has been broken.

How do I prepare for a tattoo?

Make sure to get a goodnight sleep beforehand. Always eat something before your appointment. Bring sugary snacks and a drink with you to your appointment. If it is a longer session, I usually stop for a lunch break halfway through.
Consider bringing some headphones and a phone charger. 

Please don’t use any moisturiser or tanning products on your skin before a tattoo. I will just have to scrub it off anyway.

Make sure you are wearing something comfortable suitable for your tattoo placement, preferably not your favourite outfit either! Although I try my best not to get ink on your clothes, tattooing can be messy! 

How do I look after my new tattoo?

There are lots of ways to heal a tattoo and you will eventually find a method that works for you.

My suggestion is to use an adhesive film to cover your new tattoo, remove this after 24hrs – 48hrs and then start using a small amount of aftercare cream. I recommend using any antiseptic cream.

(If using Bepanthen, make sure it is the antiseptic one, not the nappy rash one.)

Use the cream as necessary over the next few weeks. 

Do not pick or scratch your tattoo and do not go swimming or submerge it. Showering is fine, as long as the tattoo is under running water and not submerged.
Keep exercise to a minimum when healing your tattoo.

That’s the bare basics! Of course if you suspect something is wrong, consult your doctor straight away. 

Can I get my deposit back?

The deposit is non refundable but will come off the total cost of the tattoo on the final session.

If you miss your appointment or reschedule without giving me enough notice you will lose your deposit. I only get paid for each tattoo that I complete and the deposit amount covers the admin and time spent drawing your design. 

Are there any terms and conditions?

If you get a booking with me, I will send you my terms and conditions to secure that booking. 

There is no obligation to make a booking if you disagree with the terms and conditions, your scheduled appointment will simply expire and the spot will be offered to someone else.

I sent an email and never got a response, should I send it again?

I apologise if you never got a response. I am only one person and receive a large volume of emails. If you do not hear back from me in a few weeks after submitting a booking form, it means I have been fully booked for this round.
It’s nothing personal! Most everyone’s ideas that get submitted are amazing and I would love to work with you I simply do not have time to tattoo everyone.
I try to take notice of repeat inquiries!

You didn’t post my tattoo to Instagram, how come?

The most likely answer is that the photos didn’t come out as I expected. Sometimes your skin can be very swollen, red and shiny after a tattoo and can affect the photos.

I’m also just pretty forgetful and fall behind on posting. Again, it’s nothing personal!

If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact me and I will try to get back to you!